Last year's Virgin Blue mid-air near miss with a business jet findings released today

March 07, 2012 by Gossiper

Australia's Air Safety Bureau has announced a wide range investigation in to Australian ATC revealing yet another near miss involving a Virgin Blue B737 and a business jet on February 1, 2011

Virgin Blue Boeing 737 Aircraft

Melbourne-bound Virgin Blue Boeing 737 and a business charter jet had been put on a head-on course, this time by defence department air controllers overseeing Newcastle Airport in NSW, which handles miliary and civilian aircraft movements.

The jets were travelling towards each other at a closing speed of more than 1000km/h at almost the same altitude over Newcastle (the Boeing climbing to 5000 feet after taking-off from Newcastle Airport , the business jet descending to 5000 feet to land).




US Airways files objections to Philadelphia airport expansion

February 24, 2012 by The Gossiper

Philadelphia International Airport

US Airways Group Inc. said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing this week that a multibillion-dollar runway and terminal expansion at Philadelphia International Airport could harm its finances and business operations and force it to shift flights elsewhere.

"If we are unable to operate profitably from Philadelphia, we may need to significantly reduce our business at PHL, or move that business to another of our hubs," US Airways said in its Wednesday filing.  >>More..

Controllers Set Wider Berths for B787 and B747-8 Jets.

October 05 2010 by Outside source

Aircraft to maintain unusually long distances.

Boeing Co.'s newest jetliner models, already suffering from major cost overruns and schedule delays, face a fresh challenge: U.S. safety regulators have issued preliminary rules requiring other aircraft to maintain unusually long distances behind them during landing approaches.  >>More..