Whispering Coach to train Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew

February 28, 2012 by Sophie

"The crew are now trained to whisper at tones between twenty and thirty decibels due to its calming effect and the fact that it won't disturb other passengers whilst lights are out," says new whispering coach

Soft, soothing tone is back in the cabin - if you are willing to pay for it

Speak softly, do not disturb the Upper Class traveling in the "Dream Suite".

In order to provide a calming effect, Virgin Atlantic plans to train its cabin crew in the fine art of soft speaking. All talking will be done between 20 and 30 decibels, in appropriate, soothing tone.

"It is incredibly important that all Virgin Atlantic's cabin crew have their skills honed in order to provide the most comfortable experience possible for our passengers," said Richard Fitzgerald, Virgin’s customer service training supervisor and new whispering coach.  >>More..




Regulators nix Ryanair "straphanger-seats"

February 29, 2012 by Sophie

In a "surprise" ruling, the airline's application to run test flights with standing berths, handrails and straps has been rejected by regulators

Standing seats rejected by regulators

We all remember. The traveling public was shaking it's head in disbelief when a year ago Ryanair boasted proudly about being the first airline to introduce standing, saddle-like seats on its shorter flights.

Standing? Flying? Flying while standing? Sounded like a Steven King flick but - it was real. Or, at least it was going to be.

Enter the regulator. It is presently unknown if it was the US Federal Aviation or the Administration or the European Aviation Safety Agency. One thing is sure though: the idea has been rejected, before the first test flight would have taken off.  >>More..

Pilots and crew face the airline industry reality

November 21, 2010 by The Gossiper2

Why we will face pilot shortage

"One of the biggest insults crews have to experience is going through security."

"My pay has been cut 40 percent; my pension, like most airline pensions, has been terminated and replaced by a (pension) guarantee worth only pennies on the dollar."

Many pilots no longer feel they have any job security.
Over the years, many seasoned pilots have seen their pensions reduced and their pay slashed.  >>More..


Why America can't compete?

November 13, 2010 by The Gossiper2

Chinese workers build 15-story hotel in just six days

EDITORIAL: Bombardier faces dilemma with outsourcing

November 01, 2010 by Gossiper2

Can the C-Series keep the schedule?

EDITORIAL: "Enough!... Enough already!"

October 25, 2010 by Garey Kelley, Editor

Whether you are a passenger, or a flight attendant, there were at least a few times you've felt you wanted to be somewhere else.


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