It happened again: flight attendant goes ballistic

March 09, 2012 by Sophie

An American Airlines flight attendant disrupted a flight Friday morning as it was about to take off from Dallas-Fort Worth en route to Chicago, saying over the aircraft intercom system that the plane was going to crash, alluding to 9/11 terrorist attacks and ranting about the airline's bankruptcy reorganization, passengers said.

It started as a routine, uneventful day. Passengers on American Airlines Flight 2332 were settling in for a trip to Chicago when suddenly a flight attendant took over the public-address system and launched into a rant that included references to 9-11 and the safety of their plane.

At first puzzled, then frightened, several passengers wrestled the flight attendant into a seat while the plane was still on the ground at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.  >>More..




Heavy Rain forces Qantas Hong Kong to Sydney to divert to Newcastle

March 08, 2012 by Victor

Torrential rain made it impossible for aircraft to land in Sydney

Qantas 747 on Newcastle airport

The plane, en route from Hong Kong to Sydney, was prevented from landing at Sydney this morning due to torrential rain and strong wind.

It landed at Newcastle Airport about 8.25am.

Air France A343 over Atlantic on Mar 5th 2012, smoke caused by short circuit

March 07, 2012 by Sophie

Passengers frightened as the cabin of Air France flight from Paris to Bogota fills with smoke

Air France Airbus 343 Aircraft

An Air France Airbus A340-300, registration F-GLZJ performing flight AF-422 from Paris Charles de Gaulle (France) to Bogota (Colombia) with 274 passengers and 14 crew, was enroute over the Atlantic when the crew received a smoke indication for the lower mobile deck, crew rest area. The flight crew decided to divert to Lajes Airport on Terceira Island, Azores (Portugal) for a safe overweight landing. The passengers disembarked via mobile stairs.

Examination revealed the smoke indication was caused by smoke emanating from a short circuit.  >>More..


Last year's Virgin Blue mid-air near miss with a business jet findings released today

March 07, 2012 by Gossiper

Australia's Air Safety Bureau has announced a wide range investigation in to Australian ATC revealing yet another near miss involving a Virgin Blue B737 and a business jet on February 1, 2011

Egypt Air Boeing 777-300 makes emergency landing at SNN after in-flight engine shutdown

March 05, 2012 by Sophie

An EgyptAir Boeing 777 aircraft flying flight MS986-JFK-CAI with 156 passengers on board plus crew, made an emergency landing in Shannon after reporting engine failure (nbr 2 engine) over the Atlantic Ocean.

Beeping Blackberry triggers 'MAYDAY', flight diverts

March 04, 2012 by Sophie

On February 29th, 2012 Air France flight AF2220 Paris-Tel Aviv diverted to Basel due to a "foreign object" on board emitting a "strange noise"


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