Jetblue Removed Family From Plane Because of Fussy Toddler

March 08, 2012 by Victor

A family vacation ends sadly when a Rhode Island family is kicked off their return flight home

Jetblue A320

When the two-year-old Natalie threw a tantrum as her family boarded a recent JetBlue flight, her parents did their best to calm her down.

"Just some consideration, a little bit of humanity in the situation was really all I was looking for. Apparently, that doesn't exist," said Dr. Colette Vieau, Natalie's mother.  >>More..




Last year's Virgin Blue mid-air near miss with a business jet findings released today

March 07, 2012 by Gossiper

Australia's Air Safety Bureau has announced a wide range investigation in to Australian ATC revealing yet another near miss involving a Virgin Blue B737 and a business jet on February 1, 2011

Virgin Blue Boeing 737 Aircraft

Melbourne-bound Virgin Blue Boeing 737 and a business charter jet had been put on a head-on course, this time by defence department air controllers overseeing Newcastle Airport in NSW, which handles miliary and civilian aircraft movements.

The jets were travelling towards each other at a closing speed of more than 1000km/h at almost the same altitude over Newcastle (the Boeing climbing to 5000 feet after taking-off from Newcastle Airport , the business jet descending to 5000 feet to land).

Boeing has inspected five 787s for fuselage flaw

March 06, 2012 by Victor

The plane maker making improvements to the Dreamliner

Delamination prompts Boeing to inspect 787 fleet

Boeing Co has inspected five 787 Dreamliners for a recently discovered flaw in the fuselage and remains on track to build 10 of the airplanes per month by the end of 2013, the new head of Boeing's 787 program said on Monday.

The plane maker is inspecting the first 55 787s built before the problem was discovered and will repair them as needed, Larry Loftis told Reuters before a groundbreaking ceremony for a new delivery center at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.  >>More..


Ajit Singh warns Kingfisher Airlines of licence suspension

March 04, 2012 by Sophie

New Delhi: With Kingfisher Airlines' financial stress refusing to go away, the government has sounded a warning to the cash-strapped airline.

Air Force plane makes emergency landing

March 01, 2012 by Victor

Smoke in the cockpit

Hartsfield-Jackson(ATL) will get ready to accomodate Airbus A380

March 01, 2012 by Victor

The Airport to widen taxiways and a runway


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  • Airline passenger possibly sick with cholera

  • Singapore Air grounds three A380s for engine changes

  • 787 flight tests to remain suspended