It happened again: flight attendant goes ballistic

March 09, 2012 by Sophie

An American Airlines flight attendant disrupted a flight Friday morning as it was about to take off from Dallas-Fort Worth en route to Chicago, saying over the aircraft intercom system that the plane was going to crash, alluding to 9/11 terrorist attacks and ranting about the airline's bankruptcy reorganization, passengers said.

It started as a routine, uneventful day. Passengers on American Airlines Flight 2332 were settling in for a trip to Chicago when suddenly a flight attendant took over the public-address system and launched into a rant that included references to 9-11 and the safety of their plane.

At first puzzled, then frightened, several passengers wrestled the flight attendant into a seat while the plane was still on the ground at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.  >>More..




Man, 71, arrested at Los Angeles airport with 40,000 fake erectile drugs

March 08, 2012 by Victor

A 71-year-old former law enforcement officer from South Korea was arrested Wednesday

LAX International Airport

Kil Jun Lee was returning from a trip to South Korea on Feb. 25 when the officers at LAX found 29,827 fake Viagra tablets, 8,993 fake Cialis pills and 793 counterfeit Levitra tablets concealed in packets of aluminum foil and valued at more than $700,000, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement.

When asked whether the medication was for his own use, Lee told officers he had a heart condition, and if he used all the pills it would kill him, according to the criminal complaint.  >>More..

Tulisa's airport sex toy embarrassment

March 7, 2012 by Gossiper

Tulisa Contostavlos was left embarrassed after a sex toy started vibrating in her bag at Miami airport.

The N-Dubz singer said the incident was the 'most cringe' moment of her life, but denied the X-rated Rampant Rabbit aid was hers.

She told The Sun newspaper: 'It was so embarrassing when it went off buzzing in my bag.

'I only bought it as a present for a mate, but the joke ended up on me.'  >>More..


India's ambassador gets pat down by TSA in US

December 10, 2010 by Outside Sources

"We are going to take it up with the government of United States"

Delta Flight Forced to Make Emergency Landing in Mumbai

November 05, 2010 by Outside Sources

Delta plane with 244 people on board made an emergency landing in Mumbai after an unidentified object was discovered in the plane's cargo hold.

Greek terrorists blamed in attacks

November 04, 2010 by The Gossiper

Suspected Greek terrorists unleashed an unprecedented two-day wave of mail bomb attacks in Athens and abroad, with one package reaching the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday.


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