China halts 10 more Airbus orders

March 16, 2012 by Victor

China raising the stakes in a potentially damaging trade row over European Union airline emissions charges


China has so far directed its threatened retaliation at wide-body aircraft capable of reaching Europe from China, not A320 short-haul jets assembled in China for the local market.

In all, 55 aircraft have been swept up in the dispute, equivalent to about 10 percent of the aircraft ever delivered to China by Airbus, which claims 47 percent of the Chinese market.

While the A380 purchase is a firm order, meaning it cannot be cancelled without losing a deposit, the threatened A330 deals are still in the pipeline -- either being negotiated or waiting for the required official approval from the Chinese government.  >>More..




Canadian Feds move quickly to block Air Canada labor disruptions

March 09, 2012 by The Gossiper

"The best deal they're going to get is the one they do themselves"

Air Canada

Earlier Thursday, Air Canada served notice that it would lock out its 3,000 pilots Monday, the same day another union — which represents thousands of ground crew and mechanics at the airline — is set to strike.

A deadline passed Thursday at noon for what the airline had called its "best, last and final offer" to the Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) — without a deal being reached.  >>More..

Bankruptcy returns as a tool to crack unions

March 07, 2012 by Victor

With $4 billion cash in hand, why did American Airlines' parent company declare bankruptcy in November?

Taking a page from its competitors, American decided the billions in concessions and two-tiering its unions had given since 2003 -- plus the millions extracted from governments in tax breaks and subsidies -- wasn't enough.

Executives chose to dump worker pensions and retiree health care so they could purchase new planes and lift their share price.  >>More..


Update: APA, AAL's union ousted a number of its members including numerous former TWA pilots

The decision is in: No on TWA pilot committee, no decision on retirees committee by Southerland

Ex-TWA pilots don't get their own committee, bankruptcy judge rules

Air Canada pilots brace for low-cost fight

March 07, 2012 by Gossiper

The head of Air Canada's pilot's association says he's worried the airline's plan to start a low-cost carrier is just a way of outsourcing good jobs to other countries while offering no benefit to Canadians.

Machinists' Union announces intent of strike against Air Canada on March 12

March 07, 2012 by Sophie

Air Canada said on Tuesday a union representing mechanics, baggage handlers and cargo agents in Canada have announced a strike from March 12.


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  • APA, AAL's union ousted a number of its members including numerous former TWA pilots

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